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Hello everybody !


My name is Branko,

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia in year 1974.

In 1982 my family and me, we moved to the italian part of Switzerland, Ticino.

I studied Public Finance at the university of Fribourg and obtained the degree in October 1999.

During the university-time, at 23, I discovered the alternative and interdisciplinary sciences. During the few years spent in getting familiar with the subject I wrote few pages about it.

Since 2000 I worked as auditor at Deloitte & Touche in Zürich and in November 2002 I've taken, successfully, the american CPA (Certified Public Accounter).

Since summer '03 I'm working as Financial Controller at SR-Technics.

My parents and our animals, a little dog and a turtle, stay in Ascona, my brother is studying Sciences of Communication in Lugano. My sister is studying psychology in Geneva but she's spending the current year in Spain, Grenada. The rest of the relatives is living in Zagreb.

Friends and colleagues stay a little bit everywhere and do various different jobs.

My girlfriend is from Augsburg, Germany. Actually we and her horse are living near Zürich.

In sommer 2003 I realized an old dream by buying a motorboat but only in sommer 2004 we have spent 10 days navigating along the coast and the islands of Croatia.




Alternative and interdiscplinary sciences 

Here you can find some my writes, some photos and some interesting links.

Of course, you can share your opinion and experience.



Links related to Accouting and Auditing.

Continuing Education.

Boat & Navigation Travels and various interests

Recently an old dream get accomplished...

Click and enjoy the pictures.




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